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Kountryside Golf Course

Kountryside Golf Course

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Kountryside Golf Course

688 Till RD
Cope, SC 29038

In 1999 while seated on a five-gallon bucket dove hunting, with a six-pack and 12 guage shotgun, the dream came to Bobby Kilgus to build a golf course. The vision was shocking at first, because Bobby had only played golf one time. But the idea planted itself in his mind and began to blossom. Once the decision was made to transform the family farm land into a recreational facility, the Kilguses researched the process of designing and constructing a golf course. Information obtained through an internet search and from a National Golf Association publication enabled Bobby to design a nine hole, par-36 course. While the Kilguses played a major role in the design of the golf course, the couple said they received assistance and advice from the right people, at the right time to make Kountryside Golf Course a reality. Mack Garrick and Lewis Givens, owners of a construction company, helped clear the land, shape the greens and dig the sand traps. A family-owned and operated golf course, Kountryside was also named by a family member, Len Kilgus' sister. Today Bobby Kilgus maintains the ground himself, putting his heart and soul into the "field of dreams" that will become his legacy. Four years after Bobby Kilgus' vision, his dream became a reality when the 9-hole golf course opened for business on Nov. 7, 2003. Four years later on November 24, 2007 the back nine opened making Kountryside Golf Course a full 18-hole golf course. As Rich Lerner (commentator from the Golf Channel) stated when he made his visit in 2007 - Kountryside may not be as prestigeous as the Augusta National but there is a down home charm at Kountryside Golf Course.

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